A Kitchen Straight From the South of France

Using the existing space, the remodeled kitchen now features authentic South of France colors and rustic niches, but is outfitted with contemporary amenities such as a wine cooler.
The Kitchen before.

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Native Home Provides Plenty of Sunny Inspiration

Isabelle Chauffeton knew just what she wanted her dream kitchen to look like. Armed with very specific photos, Isabelle called on PSG Construction to convert her non-descript 70’s kitchen into a charming French-inspired gathering spot.

Isabelle was happy with the efficiency and configuration of the existing L-shaped 12 foot x 24 foot space, so she focused on creating a space that reminded her of home–her native France.

Isabelle chose the lavender-blue and yellow color scheme for very specific reasons. “It was important to me to bring a little of the atmosphere and tradition of the South of France into my home here in the United States,” Isabelle explains. “The South of France–more specifically, the Provence area, near the Riviera–has a reputation among the French of always being sunny and warm. The homes there always look warm and happy because of the colors that are traditionally used–yellow for the sun and a purple-blue for the fields of lavender.”

Using their in-house design/build services, PSG Construction was able to create a design for the remodel as well as carry it out to completion. PSG gutted the kitchen of the Altamonte Springs ranch–leaving only the ceramic tile floor which was in good shape–and had the remodel completed in two months.

Lending immediate personality to the kitchen are the painted and faux-finished wood cabinets in the unique blue shade specified by Isabelle. A checkerboard ceramic tile backsplash and faux border over the cook top repeat the refreshing blue and yellow-accented cabinetry.

Details like painted murals, niches above the refrigerator and microwave, and a dish rack convey charm. To top off the French look, the walls are plastered with a heavy textured finish. “Most of the homes in the South of France are finished in stucco painted a warm color,” Isabelle points out. A storage cabinet and wine cooler replace an existing storage closet. Isabelle chose a laminate countertop in a natural finish but splurged on stainless steel appliances.

To balance the bright colors and bring in a bit of the stained wood often present in southern France homes, Isabelle chose a Shaker style table with a mix of benches and chairs that were custom made for the kitchen. “The table could easily pass for a French farm table,” says Isabelle.

Yearning for an update, the former kitchen possessed a layout that definitely outshined its design. Authentic French inspiration, however, introduced a makeover with a decidedly sunny disposition–sunny France rather than sunny Florida. “It feels like the house has a soul now,” Isabelle says. “It feels like it’s my ‘home away from home.'”

Appliances – Southeast Steel
Interior Trim & Doors – Residential Building Supply
Drywall – R.K. Edwards, Inc.
Plumbing – Modern Plumbing
Electrical – J.D. Electrical Contractors, Inc.

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