New Lease On Livability

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Most striking is the dramatic view from the entry of the arched Palladian-style windows and sliding French doors in the family room.
The entry before
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The reconstructed staircase brings drama into the spacious family room. Hand-engineered, the unique double staircase (see entry photo for full view) was crafted with oak treads and handrails, and iron balusters and posts.
The staircase before.
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The kitchen renovation took place without reconfiguring cabinetry to maximize cost-efficiency. The island received a new tile surface, with Corian replacing the remaining countertops. An inlay of tumbled marble on the tile floor surrounds the island.
The kitchen before.

The Story

Lake Butler Home Lives Up To Its Potential

When the owners of this Windemere home relocated to Central Florida from Atlanta, they retained the architect who had worked on their Georgia home to draw up plans for renovating their new Florida home.

The couple was pleased with the potential of the home and its desirable location just across from Lake Butler. Yet their vision reached beyond the present state of the house. Discontent with the home’s uninspiring architectural style and mediocre living areas, the couple sought out PSG Construction to team up with their Atlanta architect and help increase the livability and character of their new home.

PSG Construction was enthusiastic about working with the couple’s architect. Paul and Stephen found that the house possessed characteristics typical of many homes built in the 80’s-boxy, closed-in and unimpressive. In particular, the home had a dated elevation, choppy entrance and staircase, and cavernous family room that was awkwardly dwarfed by a single sliding glass door. Paul and Stephen knew that simple but effective modifications could turn the home from weary to wow. And they had a few of their own ideas on how to compliment the architect’s plans. Now the fifteen-year-old home is something the couple is eager to show off to new found friends.

Remodeling work started by enhancing the front elevation with a column entrance and arched glass door system, new windows and roof, and tiled portico. The modifications created a more inviting and refreshing elevation. Beyond the front door, guests are immediately enveloped in the spaciousness created by the renovation. Contributing to the overall effect is the widened entry, rebuilt double staircase, and expansive window and sliding glass door design in the family room. These components blend harmoniously for an exciting first impression. Details of the renovation begin with a single expanse of oak flooring in the entry and living room. Matching oak treads on the rebuilt double staircase were finished with oak handrails and iron balusters and posts. PSG Construction is particularly pleased with the staircase design their master craftsmen hand-engineered. This was a refreshing replacement to thehome’s original and rather common arrangement.

One of the most striking details is the half-round configuration of Palladian-style windows extending above the sliding French doors in the family room. These successfully and architecturally enhance the soaring cathedral ceiling while extending the view onto the pool and patio area located beyond the family room. Visible from the foyer, guests are drawn into the open, airy and welcoming home.

Adjacent to the family room, the kitchen affords a dramatic view of the unique staircases. The kitchen received its own renovation without changing the configuration of the cabinetry. Existing doors and drawer fronts were removed and replaced with new doors and drawer fronts. Cabinets were re-laminated. Tile was laid on the island work surface, and Corian® countertops replaced the remaining countertops. New appliances were also installed. The tile floor in the family room extends into the kitchen to accentuate the feeling of spaciousness. An inlay of tumbled marble on the tile floor surrounds the island for unexpected interest. Multiple recessed can fixtures bring adequate lighting to the kitchen, while twin fixtures provide task lighting over the island work area.

From the kitchen, three steps lead into the dining room, which also received renovation attention. The stair treads on the steps and the dining floor were replaced with oak flooring that matches the oak floor in the living room and entrance. A new chandelier and broad transom window naturally lightens the room and offers a pleasing view.

PSG Construction successfully carried out the architect’s vision and enhanced the original plans with unique details such as the iron and oak staircase. The renovation helped the transplanted Atlanta couple feel at home in their new surroundings and take full advantage of Florida’s relaxed lifestyle. The once boxy, uninteresting home has been given a new lease in providing livability and sophisticated details to enrich the way the owners spend private time and entertain.

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