Order in the House

The existing laundry room was converted to a spacious drop zone conveniently located between the garage and kitchen

The Story

Drop Zone Brings Order and
Convenience To This Family’s Home

Kitchen clutter was playing havoc with the family of Mark and Pam Oldham. They had nowhere to drop off book bags, jackets or bills and mail other than right in the middle of the kitchen. The Oldhams were determined to find a solution, so they called PSG Construction to help come up with a way to establish order in their house. PSG Construction had helped Mark and Pam with a previous remodeling project and the couple knew they wanted to work with PSG again.

“We called PSG again because I know I can count on them,” Pam explains. “They met deadlines. They’re great at keeping us informed as to what’s happening and when it’s happening.”

The in-house design staff at PSG met with Mark and Pam and listened to their needs. The couple wanted to move their laundry space to the second floor for convenience. This meant the laundry room could be converted to just what the busy family needed: a drop zone. PSG drew up a plan that made the most of the space. A custom-designed and hand-crafted built-in storage area includes a bench, cabinets, hooks for hanging jackets, and plenty of space for shoes, outdoor play equipment, and other necessities. On the opposite side of the room, a sleek built-in office is tucked under the stairs and provides room for Pam’s computer, office files, and work space for the children.

As much as the family knew they needed to make a change to address the clutter issue, they didn’t realize how the drop zone would affect their lives until it was complete. “It’s so great having an office space for the kids and me to be at our computers and do homework together,” states Pam. “Having the office right off the kitchen is so convenient. It’s been life changing for us.”

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