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The glass block wall allows an infusion of natural light from a bank of windows in the store’s front to illuminate the otherwise dark office space.

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Race Management
Headquarters Gains
Much-Needed Space And Face-Lift

Road races, basketball tournaments and biking events don’t just happen; expert managing and marketing is necessary to successfully pull them off, and that’s where Event Marketing and Management, International comes in. Known as EMMI, the company is owned and operated by Jon and Betsy Hughes.

While EMMI may not be a well-known name, the company’s store, Track Shack is familiar turf to sporting enthusiasts who compete in Central Florida races, including Walt Disney World Race Marathon, of which Jon Hughes is the director.

Although Jon and Betsy remodeled the store’s space themselves(with some help from a few subcontractors), the couple approached PSG Construction to create additional office space for their growing company.

Jon has no trouble recalling what motivated him to seek out a professional to remodel the EMMI offices instead of doing it himself. “Remodeling the store was so incredibly stressful that we didn’t want to go through that again,” Jon says. “After the time [we put in], effort and frustration [of doing a remodeling project ourselves] we weren’t about to do it again. We made some costly mistakes and wasted money. We’d take one step forward and two steps back,” Jon recalls.

The couple confess it was the “dumbest thing we had ever done”and knew they would seek out a professional remodelor to complete the office renovation.

Since PSG Construction had sponsored the company’s road race maps, it seemed logical to approach them to see what they could do. “We saw PSG’s newsletters, which were very impressive and showcased some of the work they did,” Jon explains.

The couple’s goal in remodeling EMMI’s office space was to create a “nice professional office with enough space to grow,” Jon says.

Working within a strict budget, PSG Construction and Slocum Platts Architects Design Studio, P.A., played off the existing structure that had originally been warehouse space with a block exterior wall. By incorporating the block wall, a functional sliding panel warehouse door (to create character), existing skylights and exposed pipes into the plan, PSG kept within the budget while creating a pleasing working environment with unique style.

A glass block wall is creatively shared with Track Shack store space, allowing natural light from a bank of windows in the store’s front to illuminate the otherwise dark office space.

The remodeled office includes a conference room which Jon has come to use as a second office because of its spaciousness and seclusion. A bathroom with shower allows staff members to run during the day and clean up prior to returning to work.

One requirement Jon and Betsy placed on PSG was that the store had to remain open during the course of construction. PSG met that challenge by constructing a temporary wall which allowed business to go on as usual. “They went above and beyond [the call of duty] to keep the noise and dust out of the store,” Betsy recalls.

Having worked from the space for several months now, Jon says he is impressed with the “attention to detail and the quality of products” chosen. “The space is finished off very nicely,” Jon remarks. “We’re very pleased. If we have the slightest concern, [PSG] either comes her personally or sends someone out.”

Design – Slocum Platts Architects Design Studio, P.A.
Furniture – Florida Business Interiors & HAWORTH
Doors – Residential Building Supply
Air conditioning – Standard Air Services

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