PSG Construction is the Builder of Choice For New Custom Home Construction

by Stephen Gidus
Reprinted from The PSG Report, 2000, Volume V

Why would a company specializing in remodeling also be the ideal new home builder?

“A new home is incredibly easier to build for a remodeling specialist,” Paul Gidus explains. “The knowledge and expertise needed to renovate a home is much more complicated than for building a new home.”

When a client asked Stephen Gidus whether PSG could build a new home for him, Stephen lightheartedly replied, “We could do it blindfolded and with one hand tied behind our backs!”

Stephen was trying to make the point that remodeling is a specialized area of home construction that is like the difference between a general practitioner and a heart specialist. The heart specialist is capable of giving a general examination, but the general practitioner is not capable of performing heart surgery. Likewise, the remodeling specialist is capable of building a new home, but a new home builder is not necessarily capable of carrying out a remodeling project.

Clients thinking about building a new home should consider PSG Construction as the logical choice. Throughout the company’s history, they have completed a number of distinctive new homes boasting various styles.

Membership in Exclusive Organization Gives PSG Added Credibility
As members of the Master Custom Builders Council, an exclusive local organization, PSG Construction must meet the strict code of standards and requirements put forth by the Council. They are on the cutting edge of technology and often use some of the same concepts and products for new homes as they do in remodeling projects.

Conceptual Plans
Shown in our New Homes Gallery are conceptual plans for the Bonifacio created by Jim Lucia of Lucia Custom Home Designers Inc. and the Renaissance created by Jim Ross of Ross Design Group.

Editor’s Note: Read the complete article “Talents of Artisans Used to Restore Home with Unusual Past” on our web site or in The PSG Report, 2000, Volume V.