Difference in Caliber of PSG Subs Gets Noticed by Clients

by Stephen Gidus
Reprinted from The PSG Report, Winter/Spring 1998, Vol. III, Issue 1

Every subcontractor hired by PSG Construction is judged on four key criteria, a standard Paul and Stephen Gidus believe has helped their company attain its success as the renovation specialists.

“A contractor can have the best intentions when going into a job, but if the subcontractors don’t have the same vision or avoid working as a team, it can be detrimental to the success of the project,” Paul explains. “We are convinced that the high caliber of subcontractors we employ has made a difference in the success of our projects–our clients tell us this is so.”

When asked about the subcontractors, client Lucy Carney commented, “Every subcontractor is clean-cut, very intelligent and sharp. This mattered to me.” Lucy and husband Mike Carney have returned to PSG for additional projects.

In order to keep the high-caliber of subcontractors that clients appreciate, PSG looks for four specific qualities:

Quality. The craftsmanship produced must be high-quality and capable of satisfying the most discerning client. These subcontractors produce impeccable work and perform their jobs better than anyone else in their field.

Attitude. Possessing a winning attitude is critical for PSG subcontractors. They tackle the small job with just as much enthusiasm and attention as they do the larger job. As a team player, they are willing to work in partnership with other subs in order to meet deadlines.

Punctuality. Arriving on time for meetings and knowing how to schedule his work to fit into the master schedule allows the job to progress smoothly. The subcontractor arrives on the job site when he is scheduled.

Price. Quality, attitude and punctuality all have to be delivered at a fair price in order for the client to receive good value within the prescribed budget.