The Advantage of Choosing An Award-Winning Contractor

by Stephen Gidus
Reprinted from The PSG Report, Winter/Spring 1998, Vol. III, Issue 1

In the remodeling industry, contractors are regularly given the opportunity to enter their remodeling and renovation projects in various competitions. The winners are sometimes awarded with plaques, black-tie celebrations, recognition from their peers and various degrees of publicity. The degree of involvement in competitions varies from contractor to contractor. Some choose to do so, while others steer away from such events. What would motivate a contractor to spend the time, effort and money it takes to enter a project into a competition?

“Winning an award for a project allows potential clients to see the professionalism and credibility a remodeling company possesses,” explains Stephen Gidus. “If our professional peers have awarded us first place in a competition, that says a lot about our company. A homeowner taking on a remodeling project deserves to know they are working with a reputable company.”

Having been awarded local, regional and national awards for Great Horn, a recent project, PSG Construction believes awards speak for themselves.

After winning the Grand Award in the local Remodelors Showcase, sponsored by the Home Builders Association of Mid-Florida, Great Horn went on to win a Merit Award in Renaissance ’97, a national awards program sponsored by REMODELING magazine and the National Association of Home Builders Remodelors Council. The program recognized “excellence in design and construction of residential and light commercial remodeling and renovation projects.”

The lakefront project that featured an indoor basketball half court also was a winner in a regional 1997 Aurora Awards. This competition presents awards for projects completed in a 10-state southeastern region and “demonstrating building and design excellence.”

“We believe remodelors who love the work they do are proud to enter into competitions such as these,” Paul Gidus says. “We love the work we do and feel competition with our peers is healthy.”

“Telling a homeowner that we are qualified to handle their remodeling project is one thing, but if we can show them the awards we’ve won for past projects, that’s another things,” Stephen points out.

Judging Remodeling Competition Compares to Olympic Judging
On the local level, the Great Horn project received 100% scores from all three judges. The builders and architects who served as judges graded quality of workmanship, quality of design, exterior carpentry features, wall finishes, interior trim, wall and ceiling finishes, roof structures and finishes, unique and creative details, traffic flow, compatibility with the existing building, and improvement of the original layout.

“The items we were judged on are critical to the success of every remodeling project, regardless of the size or cost,” Paul points out. “Because I am in the field on a daily basis, I see who much time it takes to make sure one of these areas gets overlooked.”

Stephen likes to compare the scores a remodeling project receives to that of an Olympic event. “Olympic athletes train to be the best in the world. They are champions. Receiving a 10-point score is their ultimate goal. The same is true with remodelers entering their projects in competitions. We are just as serious. We want to receive the highest score possible and how we have to be exceptional to get that score. We are extremely proud to know we received 100% scores from all three Great Horn judges!”