PSG Projects Featured in Woman’s Day® Specials Magazine

psg featured in women's day kitchen and bath

Reprinted from February 2003 news release.

Four kitchen remodeling projects completed by PSG Construction are featured in the Winter 2003 issue of Woman’s Day® Specials Kitchens & Baths magazine.

The “Before & After” section of the magazine is exclusively dedicated to the four PSG Construction kitchen projects which range from the renovation of a 1920’s bungalow kitchen to improving the kitchen layout of a 1970’s two story.

Two of the projects are award-winners. One project appeared in the October 2002 issue of Southern Living magazine. Remodeling magazine, an industry publication, also ran an article on the 1920’s project, detailing how the renovation and addition was carried out using precise systems and research.

The Woman’s Day® Specials article concentrates on how PSG Construction helped homeowners solve challenges including preserving architectural integrity, improving function, adding storage and work space, and enhancing livability.

View these projects:

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