Temporary Kitchen Helps Eliminate Inconveniences of Remodeling

Reprinted from February 2001 news release
Also featured in February 2001 Remodeling magazine

The most stressful part of a kitchen remodel is not having access to the kitchen. Kitchen remodeling can often take weeks because of the extensiveness of many projects. Homeowners could be left without a place to prepare even a simple breakfast or meal. Typical alternatives are to set up the microwave in the laundry room or bathroom, but this arrangement isn’t ideal for more than a few days. Eating meals out can become expensive and mundane.

Wanting to eliminate this inconvenience, PSG Construction offers clients a solution by setting up a complete kitchen in a nearby bedroom or the dining room. The best part is that the temporary kitchen is included in the price of the project.

In a clever procedure that takes as little as 8 hours to complete, PSG Construction first covers the floor with a protective coating made of heavy vinyl with foam backing and tape over the joints. Then they dismantle the client’s existing kitchen including the kitchen cabinets, stove, refrigerator, and countertops, and reassembles it in the temporary space. Plumbing and electrical wiring is channeled through the walls and under flooring in the crawl space. The sink is connected to the existing waste line. This gives homeowners a fully functional and convenient space for meal preparation, storage and clean-up.

Once the kitchen remodel is complete, the temporary kitchen is disassembled and the cabinetry is often used in the garage or laundry room. The walls are repaired and painted, and the room is returned to its former function.

This unique service is one of the numerous procedures PSG Construction has in place to make the remodeling process more rewarding for homeowners. Contact PSG Construction at 407-628-9660 for more information on their unique temporary kitchen.

Existing kitchen cabinets and appliances have been reassembled in this homeowner’s dining room during the kitchen remodel.
The original kitchen.
The existing dining room.